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Provon 700ml

Provon 700ml soap dispenser is perfect for keeping your hands clean. The unscented goj134203 soap recipe is also safe for the environment. This dispenser comes with a hand wash bottle and a refillable bottle.

Provon 700 mL Plum Antibacterial Soap Refill, 8726-04
Provon Soap Dispenser, 8771-06
S Brand New



USD $13.99

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This purple pk3 soap dispenser is perfect for your business! It is easy to use and makes sure your customers have access to fresh soaps at all times.
this is a provon 700ml soap dispenser. It is perfect for filling up your home with fresh soap. This dispenserailable for your personal use only. No need to leave your house to fill your soap drawer. This dispenser is also perfect for keeping your soap stored and protected.
this is a great valueprovon soap dispenser. It is made of plastic and it has a brown color. It is easy to use, and it has a dispenser that stands up to liquid abuse.