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Provon Automatic Soap Dispenser

Provon tfx 1200ml automatic liquid soap dispenser is an amazing addition to any space. Our dispenser makes it easy to add more liquid soap, or liquid detergent, for your products. The white finish is easy to keep clean, and it has a 2845 timer. Our dispenser is also adjustable to fit a variety of heights and widths.

Provon TFX 1200mL Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser, Wall-Moun
- White 2745-01 New

GOJO Provon Automatic Touch-Free Soap

By Gojo Provon

USD $10.63

- White 2745-01
12 - Provon TFX 1200 ML Automatic liquid soap dispenser, wal

12 - Provon TFX 1200


USD $240.00

1200ml White
Touch Free Automatic 2745-01 White

Lot 5 Provon TFX 1200mL

By Provon

USD $30.77

S Motion Activated 1200ml

LOT OF 12 NEW Provon


USD $99.95

Top Provon Automatic Soap Dispenser Features

The provon automatic soap dispenser is a great way to keep your home clean every day. This touch-free dispenser is perfect for busy families or businesses with a high level of contact. The white 2745-01 model is easy to use and has a green light to show that it is on. There is also a safety hazard that comes with this touch-free dispenser - people can over-pour their soaps and dangerous chemical fragrances can escape into the community. If you're looking for a touch-free soak-free environment in your community, look no further than the provon automatic soap dispenser.
the provon 2845-12 soap dispenser is a 12 oz. Black powdercoated soap dispenser that comes with a 12 hour clock time period. The dispenser has a gray color and it is made of plastic. It is easy to use, and it has a single use port that makes it perfect for specifically for using soaps. The provon 2845-12 soap dispenser is a great addition to any room, and it is sure to add to the feeling of cleanliness.
the dispenser soap dispenser is a great way to keep your soap spot clean and organized. This dispenser has a touch-free technology that makes it easy to add or remove soaps without having toogo around. The white 2745-01 provon automatic soap dispenser is perfect for any kitchen.